Behavioral Investment Counseling

Nick's 2008 book for advisors is a complete investment advisory paradigm, based on two essential perceptions. First, that the dominant determinant of long-term, real-life return is not investment performance but investor behavior. Second, that behavior modification ought to be, in and of itself, an advisor's value proposition, because great behavioral advice is — at critical moments in an investor's lifetime — worth so much more than the advisor can ever charge for it. The goal of Behavioral Investment Counseling is to free your practice from the classic excesses of investor emotion: euphoria, panic and performance-chasing.



Table of Contents

Author’s Preface


Book One - Behavior Modification As The Advisor’s Value

Chapter 1: Behavior Modification vs. Portfolio Management

Chapter 2: The Behavioral Advisor’s Value Proposition

Chapter 3: The Value of Time

Book Two - The Behavioral Approach to Superior Lifetime Returns

Chapter 4: Six Steps to the Upper Reaches,  Part 1

Chapter 5: Six Steps to the Upper Reaches,  Part 2

Chapter 6: Six Steps to the Upper Reaches,  Part 3

Chapter 7: Preventing Disaster Before It Happens: The Eight Great Behavioral Mistakes

Book Three - The Behavioral Conversation

Chapter 8: Advocating for the Value of Behavior Management

Chapter 9: Refining the Art of Principled Persuasion

Chapter 10: Q&A/Objections Handling: Principles and Practices

Chapter 11: Q&A/Objections Handling: Timing and Selection

Book Four -  Behavioral Counsel in Seasons of Crisis

Chapter 12: Bear Markets: An Appreciation

Chapter 13: Bear Market Q&A: Turning Victims Into Opportunists

Chapter 14: The Retirement Income Crisis: A Behavioral Issue

Chapter 15: Retirement Income Q&A: Facts vs. Fears


Appendix A: Two Letters and Two Charts

Appendix B: Bibliography and Resources

Nick’s Resources for You and Your Clients


About the Author


273 pages



Behavioral Investment Counseling
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