Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth - 20th Anniversary Edition


Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth

Twentieth Anniversary Edition


It’s a book for advisors to give to clients, in order to establish two great, complementary investing truths: (1) that equities are essential to long-term wealth-building and to a solidly rising income in retirement; and (2) that no one will ever be able to hold equities through all the fears (and fads) of the market cycle without you – the empathetic but tough-loving Behavioral Investment Counselor.

SWIW aims to convince your clients and prospects:

  • That real wealth – an income one doesn’t outlive and a significant legacy to one’s heirs – can only be achieved through a program of lifetime equity investing.
  • That mainstream equities historically create lifetime retirement income which rises through time at a significant premium to consumer inflation.
  • That the achievement of real wealth in equities is not driven by investment “performance” but by investor behavior – making a lifetime plan and sticking to it, ignoring both bull market fads and bear market panic capitulation.
  • That, in practice, no one will ever be able to resist the great behavioral traps of equity investing without the empathetic but tough-loving counsel of a high quality advisor.
  • That the highest, best and most valuable function of an advisor is guiding clients past The Big Mistake, in all of its several manifestations.
  • That therefore your behavioral investment counseling alone is worth multiples of what the investor pays for it.


Today, thousands of advisors use SWIW as an “operations manual” for their practices. They give it to clients and prospects as a way of saying, “Here is what we will be doing; this is what we won’t be doing (market timing, chasing the hot dot); this is what I will be advising you at panic bottoms and euphoric tops. And this is why my advice will turn out to be so much more valuable than anything I charge.


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Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth - 20th Anniversary Edition
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